Should you use messenger bots for your business? [2020]

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Should you use messenger bots for your fitness business? [2020]

By Terez Kazanjian

There is a higher chance of someone clicking on a message than an email. 

The trend of marketing and interacting with customers is going to change. As a result, chatbots are everywhere in the news. 

Chatbots are going to cut your costs and increase your revenue by taking the place of email marketing, mobile apps, customer service staffs and they are going to do this all real soon. 

Everyone is talking about chatbot especially Facebook Messenger bot as it is the real deal in the market.

 Almost 80% of world businesses would want a chatbot until the year 2020. 

Is messenger bot really going to be that lethal? Only time will tell. Let’s discuss chatbot more in detail. 

What is a Messenger bot?

A chatbot is an automated messaging software. Programmed to execute tasks by understanding questions and providing answers, the chatbot uses Artificial Intelligence to communicate with people.

Similarly, a messenger bot is an automated messaging bot in Facebook messenger that has the potential to communicate to the 1.3 Billion users. 

If you use Facebook messenger you would probably be familiar with messenger strategy, messenger bot is used to organize that strategy. 

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.”    – Stephen Hawking

How can your gym benefit from a Messenger bot?

A messenger bot can be very useful in any given business.

Similarly, in the case of a gym, messenger bot can be used to communicate with the existing customers or potential new customers. Old customers can be informed about new services or stocks.

Whereas, the new potential customers can be invited to join in if they want to achieve their fitness goals. This way, a chatbot can bring in a lot of new customers into your gym.
The chatbot is currently used in apps, web pages, and most especially on social media. 

According to a report that came out in 2018, Facebook has in excess of 300,000 Messenger chatbots.

Messenger bot, in particular, is more than doubling its number by each passing year. 

A chatbot can be easy and effective from a customer’s point of view as well.

This helps them as they don’t have to load a webpage, open an app, or make a phone call anymore. 

Customers can talk to the chatbot just as they would talk to the customer service staff.

How to get more subscribers and members with your Messenger bot?

Messenger bot will reply to the customer queries at any time of the day with your preset messages list. 

For example, if someone reacts to your Facebook post, the chatbot will suddenly send them a welcome message and communicate on your behalf. 

This will not only provide a timely response but will also leave a good impression on the customers. As a result, this will bring in more subscribers and members to your business by providing customer service 24/7. 

No one can sit behind a computer answering queries 24 hours every day.

A chatbot is created to do that on behalf of the owner. No matter what day or time, the chatbot will always be up, interacting with customers. This will boost your business a lot.

A messenger bot will send reminders, answer frequently asked questions and follow up with customers to get their reviews about any certain product.

Also, the messenger bot will send a response back 24/7/365 which mean you are open round the year without any breaks. Well, this is how every business grows.

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